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Whether serving OEMs directly, or operating through a 1st - 4th-tier supplier, Lafarge & Egge has been providing small diameter precision tube assemblies and kits to the aerospace industry for over 50 years. Current industry conditions present massive growth opportunities to aerospace suppliers, for which Lafarge & Egge is well-equipped to handle.

About Us

Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest Aerospace industry, Lafarge & Egge serves Boeing and several of its 1st Tier Suppliers as an approved supplier. Lafarge & Egge supports a variety of applications including hydraulic or other fluid systems, wing actuation, and nacelles tubing.

CTW_SmallL&E’s most recent acquisition was that of Clackamas Tool Welding, a NADCAP and AS9100 tight-tolerance welding operation specializing in thin, exotic alloys. CTW is qualified for structural welding by some of the most demanding customers in the aerospace industry including GE and Boeing.


With the addition of CTW, L&E Tubing boasts AS9100, NADCAP, and ISO9001 certifications in addition to specialized qualification in pressure testing and autofrettage. Furthering our quality systems is our commitment to delivering quality assemblies and parts on-time.


Lafarge & Egge is a master of the High-Mix/Low-Volume production environment. Our capabilities range from tube forming and fabrication to pressure-testing and sheet metal fabrication. Our general list of capabilities includes:

Tube Forming

Bending, Flaring, Beading, Autofrettage, Hand Coiling & Bending


Permaswage, BX, Union, Cryogenic


Punch, Shear, Press Brake, Welding

Pressure Testing

Oil, Water, Air


Kitting, MRO Rapid Response, AOG Quick-Turn Support, DPD (Catia) Qualified, Modified Tube Equipment for Specialized Bending


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