What We Do

Lafarge & Egge's capabilities and services are in small diameter, hard tubing assemblies for a variety of applications including landing gear, nacelles, engines, and wing actuation in the aerospace industry. While our specialties include tight-tolerance, complicated tube bending and assembly, our flexibility and speed add tremendous value to our customers seeking lead-time reductions. Lafarge & Egge is separated into 4 Value Streams, each of which resourced appropriately to ensure maximum performance to customer and company goals.

Capabilites & Services

Bending, Forming: 1/8” to 1.5” OD, 2D+ (1D coming soon)

CNC Machining

Beading, Flaring

NADCAP Welding


Value-Add Hardware Kitting

Swaging: BX, Union, Cryogenic

Modified Equipment for Specialized Bending

Pressure Testing:
Water, Oil, Air, Autofrettage to 12,250psi

DPD: Digital Product Definition

Value Streams

Complete 'Build-to-Print' Production

Lafarge & Egge are masters of accurately manufacturing parts completely to customer specifications in addition to providing excellent design for manufacturability feedback. 

Job-Shop Manufacturing and Fabrication Services

Lafarge & Egge has always supported outside manufacturing services for larger machine shops, fabricators, and processors. Whether it's swaging, forming, testing, or welding, our company has you covered for your quick-turn, outside manufacturing needs. 

Welding Services

Clackamas Tool Welding, a division of L&E, is the industry leader in exotic metal production welding; specifically in deep-grooves, or thin-walls. As a Merit Nadcap supplier with AS9100/ISO9001 certifications, Clackamas Tool Welding provides aerospace with a legacy of premier welding services including tool & die repair.


Lafarge & Egge acquired Alpha Precision Machining in November 2015 to provide internal tooling and external machining support to our customers ( With machine travel at 42.5” x 35.5” x 36” and experience in most alloys, Alpha continues to provide a large scope of machined parts and excellent support of the aerospace and defense industries.

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